Long Term Care

Looking for Long Term Care insurance in North Carolina?

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Did you know that there is a 75% chance that people over 65 years old will need custodial Long Term Care in their life time? Long Term Care is the single greatest cause of financial ruin during retirement, so it’s more important now than ever before to have a game plan when it comes to your Long Term Care coverage.

When most people think of Long Term Care coverage, they think of an indemnity based insurance policy (a.k.a. “traditional policy”), however traditional Long Term Care policies are only one way to fund Long Term Care expenses, so it’s important to speak with a qualified specialist like us, to understand what your options are.

If you have questions about your Long Term Care options, call our office, or complete the form on our quotes page to get the process started. Our team of friendly experts will help make sense of an extremely important, yet complex decision.