Mark Rosell

Account Executive
Direct Dial: 252-265-8070

Mark started his career in Albany, NY in 1984 selling insurance to the restaurant industry. He also handled personal lines accounts and insured former boxer, Mike Tyson. From there, he headed to Maine selling insurance for lobster, shrimp and crabbing sea vessels. With the AIG marina program, he had so much success that the competing insurer changed coverage forms. These were amazing days where he also learned how to insure fish houses, wholesale fish markets, and seafood processors. He enjoyed those days where it was only 75 in the summer; however, there were cold, winter months with a lot of snow, and he started looked for an insurance agency in the south.

In 1994, he joined John Hackney Agency where he began a career with the New Bern office and later moved to Wilson, where he still lives and works. It was here he began to appreciate the southern life style. It was also here that he experienced Carolina hurricanes, and he learned the finer points of debris removal and other insurance coverages. John Hackney Agency is a place where he enjoys working because of the family atmosphere. It’s an agency that truly cares for its employees backed by ownership that strongly supports its producers and account managers alike. Mark finds it hard to imagine he’s been in the insurance business for 37 years, especially since his career started in Bible College in 1978.

Mark is married to Connie and has three daughters, Amanda, Rachel, and Emilee and four grandsons, Franklin, Finnigan, Fillip and Bradley with another one due in February. He enjoys any given challenge from the insurance business and considers himself a student in this industry that is ever changing and where he is always learning. Mark’s experience permits him to have an edge that he cherishes, which is something he offers to every client regardless of their need of protection. Mark specializes in almost any type of commercial account with a special emphasis on large commercial, marine, contracting, workers compensation, manufacturing, food processing, healthcare industry, and trucking.

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